Where to return the products

Satisfying our customers is a business philosophy that we respect, and emphasize in our business.

Need to return a product?
To return a product a G & D Aero Products you’ll need to request a Return Merchandise Authorization
(RMA) number. This can be done by contacting our service department at service@gdaero.com or by telephone.
No return of an type will be accepted without an RMA.

To request a RA:
By phone: 951 443-1124
Monday – Friday 7 a.m. 5 p.m. PST
Saturday – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST

By e -mail service@gdaero.com
We’ll need the following information to authorize your return:
-Customer name
-Invoice number
-Item serial number (s)
-Nature of the problem

In general, G & D Aero Products accepts returns on merchandise from select manufactures within 30 days. However, G & D Products reserves the right to authorize returns beyond 30 days from the invoice date. If the product is accepted after 30 days, credit will be issued toward one of the following:
.Future products purchases
.A full cash refund
.Original shipped charges are not refunded on returned items

Customers are responsible for all shipping charges back to G & D Aero products on returned items, and G & D Aero products will pay the shipping charges on the replacement or exchange item (s) going back.

.Send your return via courier to the address below: and G & D Aero products will cover the shipping charge
G & D Aero Products
23220 Miners Rd.
Perris CA 92570

Returns within 30 days from invoice date can be for exchange, replacement refund or credit at your G & D Aero products discretion. Please be aware that specific manufactures have more restrictive return policies.

How to clean windows

G & D Aero Products Inc.


It is not recommended viewing the sun through the windows as it may be harmful to the eyes.

Do not use any type of heat shields in the rear of AirCraft Pilots shoulder back.

We do not recommend any type of reflective heat shields in your Aircraft

Window Liner Removal

1) To remove window liners you will need a non sharp tool such as a screw driver with the sharp edges ground off the tip bent up making a slight curve.

2) Place the tool under the silicone seal starting at the bottom corner of the window liner working across the bottom prying the seal and the liner towards you. Once the bottom is free talk hold of the seal and liner and pull down and out.

Installation of window liners

1) Be sure windows are clean.

2) Be sure seal is on window liner with a sponge and soapy water go around window frame and then around seal on liner.

3) Insert top of window liner into window frame first, with one hand pushing up from bottom work both sides of window liner in going towards the bottom. Now go across the bottom working the window liner into the window frame.

Emergency window liner removal

1) To remove window liner use a non sharp tool such as a screw driver with the sharp edges ground off and the tip bent up making a light curve.

2) Find the locking seal and place the tool in the lock, unlock the seal around the window liner.

3) Use the tool and in one of the top corners remove the liner from the seal and slide the tool to other corner freeing the liner from the seal across the top.

4) After the top of the liner has been removed from the seal, take hold of the top corners and lift the liner out.

Installation of emergency window liner

1) Be sure windows are clean and the seal is on the window frame properly.

2) Place the window liner into the seal channel first. With one hand push down on the top top of liner and work both sides into the seal channel working toward the top of liner. Now go across the top working the liner into the seal channel.

3) Using your fingers pull the seal onto the liner on top and sides.

4) Using tool or thumb nail go around seal and locking window into seal. Helpful; a rubber lubricant helps seal locking.